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Convergence 1:19
Enigma 0:57
Formations 0:55

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Charles Lester Music proudly announces the release of Enigma. Enigma is a new recording by two of the foremost leading innovators in creative music today, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Joel Futterman and multi-reed player Ike Levin. This CD represents another in an expanding series of documented collaborations between these two highly skilled and adventurous improvisers. Musical ideas launch with soaring expansions and flow with fire and ecstatic energy. More abstract musical forms and ideas morph back and forth between rich harmonic undercurrents and melodic overlays. Levin testifies with scorching bellows and cries and angular lines over the churning and evolving torrents laid down on the piano by Futterman. Yet, even the at the heights of abstractness and expressiveness their music swings with conviction. These two musicians clearly share a common vision and strong intuitive connection that is evident in the richness and variations in their music. The Village Voice has referred to Futterman and Levin as two "highly committed creative artists who do not compromise their art."

Release Date: 2006
Label: Charles Lester Music
Format: Compact Disk
Total Time: 63:18
1. Convergence (10:43)
2. Wonder (3:23)
3. Discourse (3:27)
4. Enigma (20:27)
5. Formations (4:27)
6. Riddlesque (5:01)
7. Conciliation (3:03)
8. Urbanscapes (10:55)
9. Assembly (1:47)