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All About Jazz
- "The Web's Ultimate Guide to Jazz"

Bay Area Improvisers Network
- artist information, performance dates, and news.

Cadence - reviews of blues, jazz, and creative music

Creative Music Archive

Europe Jazz Network - "a non-profit association of promoters, musicians' associations, artistic directors, consultants of music programmes in Europe working mainly in the field of jazz and improvised music"

Free Jazz - a discussion site about free jazz

Jazzbeat - a site open to self-publishers of jazz books, jazz education material, jazz lessons, CD's & DVD's, and creators of original jazz gifts and products

Jazz Loft - source of information about independent jazz

Jazzmatazz - new jazz releases, links to jazz sites, links to sellers, coupons, artist and lable information
- "your source to jazz music on the web"

Jazz Times - magazine

Jazz Visions - photos of jazz musicians by Michael Wilderman

Kali Records - "committed to bringing you great improvised, creative and consciousness-raising music not available via traditional sources"

One Final Note
- "a quarterly journal dedicated to improvisation and all things related"

Portland Online Musicnet - local band guide, articles, CD and concert reviews

Transbay Calendar - performance listings of improvised/experimental music in SF Bay Area