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Message Of The Stones 0:54
First Ones 1:02
Crisis To Victory 1:04

Charles Lester Music proudly announces the release of First Ones by Positive Knowledge. Positive Knowledge is a San Francisco Bay Area based collaboration founded by Oluyemi and Igeoma Thomas that integrates poetic spoken word and improvised vocals with free jazz. Positive Knowledge pursues the creative and transformative power of art. On this newest release, their 5th CD to date, Positive Knowledge is joined by frequent collaborator San Francisco Bay Area drummer and multi-percussionist Spirit, and fellow Bay Area and internationally recognized multi-reed player Ike Levin. The result is a tapestry of music propelled forward by a shared inspiration that draws from a deep reservoir of musical vocabularies and sensibilities. The rapport among the artists is evident. Each composition is a unique portrait and story, yet all contribute to the cohesive thread of this session. Positive Knowledge has performed across the U.S. and Europe with such prominent artists as Wadada Leo Smith, John Tchicai, William Parker, Alan Silva, Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Roscoe Mitchell, and Edward “Kidd” Jordan. In addition, to performing and recording music, Positive Knowledge takes an active role in education by facilitating workshops in poetry, music, and spoken word with the aim to “celebrate the rich diversity of thought that exists in the hearts and minds of children, youth, and adults."

Release Date: July 15, 2005
Label: Charles Lester Music
Format: Compact Disk
Total Time: 73:52
1. Unexplainable Reality/Events at the Edge (8:57)
2. Message of the Stones (11:18)
3. First Ones (3:58)
4. Mystic Dialogues (7:50)
5. SUMOTUWE (After Betty Carter) (8:51)
6. In the Center of the Boom (3:04)
7. Expression for Peace (4:32)
8. Crisis to Victory (12:08)
9. Sea of Joy (For Dr. Elsie Austin) (6:29)
10. Prayerful Devotion (For Children & Elders) (6:49)