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The Joel Futterman / Ike Levin Trio with Randall Hunt: InterView

These sample cuts are in MP3 format and, depending on length, may take a minute or two to play.
Mellon Juice 0:56
Mr. Lekish 1:50
Micro Climates 1:10


"Adoration, curiosity, aggression - each can inspire the small miracles of communication that represent the art of the interview. The music on this CD draws on these emotions…" - Mark Goble

Charles Lester Music together with Drimala Records proudly announces the release of InterView, a new recording by internationally renowned, avant-garde jazz pianist Joel Futterman in collaboration with West Coast musicians Ike Levin and Randall Hunt. This compelling and powerful 52 plus minute CD draws from a mosaic of different jazz-based musical roots to take the free jazz form into strikingly new directions. It was recorded in the moment at Bay Records Studio Berkeley, California in August 2000. The three musicians combine virtuosity on their instruments with collective extended improvisational conversations that probe and provoke a range of emotions taking the listener on a musical journey well beyond common musical genres. This music asks many questions about where creative improvised music is going. Together, this Trio provides prophetic answers. The music in this CD is dedicated to the living memory of Bob Tamarkin who was a master interviewer.