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The Joel Futterman / Ike Levin Trio featuring Kash Killion: LifeLine

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Choices 0:57
Now & Hear 1:16
Forever 0:59


"This trio produces music that is highly engrossing, involved, and unquestionably communicable... dissolving into a single manifestation of art and beauty." - Frank Rubolino

Charles Lester Music proudly announces the release of LifeLine a new recording marking the 3rd collaboration between internationally renowned innovative pianist Joel Futterman and San Francisco based multi- reed player Ike Levin. On this third cooperative, they join forces with the highly creative and technically masterful cellist Kash Killion to create spontaneous improvised music with a powerful sense of movement, purpose, and cohesive action. These three musicians display an innate sense of connection that keeps them in close communication throughout and bring their individual creativity together into a single, synergistic musical expression. This is a tight improvisational trio who produce vibrant, inspired music that is highly engrossing, emotional, and unquestionably communicative. This recording is dedicated in memoriam to artist, philosopher, poet, and master listener Joseph Schwartzbaum who saw things as a whole and continues to be a creative inspiration to us.