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The Joel Futterman / Ike Levin Duo:  The Present Gift

These sample cuts are in MP3 format and, depending on length, may take a minute or two to play.
Night Owl 1:04
Arrival 0:45
The Gift 3:00


"…this music is indeed a present, living gift." - Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine and One Final Note

Charles Lester Music proudly announces the release of The Present Gift a new recording marking the 2nd collaboration between internationally renowned innovative pianist Joel Futterman and tenor saxophonist Ike Levin. This series of innovative musical dialogues between two adventuresome artists take the listener on a spirited emotional journey characterized by spiraling heights of intense passion and meditative depths of introspection. These two musicians creatively merge their unique voices into a coherent and stirring array of musical inventions while stretching the boundaries of tonality, rhythm, and harmony. Each original composition, created entirely "in the moment," unfolds unpredictably while maintaining a strong sense of purpose derived from attuned deep listening without attachment to any preconceptions. This is a tight improvisational duo whose hearts ears are open to each other. This recording offers another strong contribution to improvised music in the 21st century.