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Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, C-Melody Saxophone, Musette, Flute, Gong, Talking Drum, Percussion

Mr. Thomas was born in Detroit, Michigan. He studied at Washtenaw College in Michigan where he received an Associate of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also studied music and the spiritual and physical nature of sound and silence. As a creative musician, performer, recording artist, teacher, and engineer for over two decades, Mr. Thomas seeks to express his abiding love for the hidden power of art. His travels to Africa, the Middle East, South America, Canada, and Europe all have influenced his musical vocabulary and expressions. Mr. Thomas’ has performed across the U.S and internationally with such noted artists as Cecil Taylor, Wadada Leo Smith, Alan Silva, John Tchicai, Sunny Murray, William Parker, Peter Kowald, Wilber Morris, Harrison Bankhead and others. Mr. Thomas believes “the musician’s art is among those arts most worthy of the highest praise”…and that “music should lead to spirituality.”